Monday, August 23, 2010

the difference between boys and girls

K is a tomboy. She likes tools, blocks, climbing trees, and wears dresses on Sundays when her mother threatens her life. Now because K understands that she is not like other girls every so often she tells me she wishes she were a boy. I carefully explain that God made her special and that she is exactly who God made her to be and that stops the questions for a little while.
Last Sunday we are on our way home from church and K is in the back seat and all of the sudden tells me that she is a boy. "No your not, your a girl" says A snottily and the argument continues Looney Tunes style of, no I'm not, Yes you are and on and on they go. I interrupt thinking that this is a good time to explain the difference in boys and girls. I talk about how J is a boy because he has a penis and K and A are girls because they have vagina and then ask if they understand. Both girls look at me and nod their little heads and I am quietly patting myself on the back when I hear K's little voice saying "I wish I had a penis"
If you don't laugh you'll cry

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