Sunday, August 22, 2010

School Days

Well school has begun here in Hawaii and we are three weeks into the new year. K and A were so excited to start and new year. K is thrilled that as a first grader she can walk to class all by herself. A is thrilled to finally be in school with K cause that means she is as big as her sister. ( a story for another day).
The girls have only been in school for 3 weeks now and I am not sure their teachers will make it the whole year. K had a good first day and came home excited about her new class and loving her math lessons. I met with her teacher and we talked about how K was doing and what i needed to help her with and then thought everything was good. Silly mama. We had parent orientation last week and her teacher pulls me aside with this apologetic look and shows me K's journal. Its empty. Every morning the kids are supposed to come into class, hang up their bags and put their homework in the basket, then sit down and write in their journals. The teacher doesn't check these all the time and the kids are being trusted to finish a page and then turn it in. Only problem is K has been lying to her teacher and telling her she had finished. Oh man, seriously couldn't this have waited until junior high. I dont know which was worse, that K was lying about her schoolwork, or my embarrassment at being the parent of the first grader lying about her schoolwork.
If you don't laugh you'll cry

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