Wednesday, March 24, 2010

matching is all relative, right?

I love that my girls are growing up. I love that they can wake up, get their glasses, eat their breakfast, brush their teeth, and get dressed in the morning with minimal supervision from me. The other side of that coin though is that they pick out their own clothes for school now. K is pretty predictable on what she will choose, shorts and t-shirts, for my tomboy. A on the other hand, well you see the picture right? She has her own style and is very vocal about it.
Just in case your wondering the whole outfit does match. She has one white sock and one purple sock but they both have purple beads on them. The white squares on her plaid shorts match the white sock, and the purple heart shirt matches the beads.
I would like to have a shirt that say "She dressed herself"
If you don't laugh, you'll cry.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

having patience

Its coming. The kids know its coming. Easter is almost here. I love Easter, the church services, the dresses, the food, and the kids hunting eggs all make for a great day. The kids love it too and I really do understand that waiting for the day to get here when your 4 and 5 is as close to torture as it gets. Now since i really do remember being young and how hard the waiting is I don't mind having the kids talk about it and make their plans and ask the endless questions that come along with it. Will we buy shoes? Can I paint eggs? Will daddy hide them in the yard again? When can we eat the candy we find? Can I eat Josh's candy? He is still a baby.
Last night though, as we are driving home from bible study at 8:30 at night, I just wanted some quiet time. The girls were told it was time to stop asking questions, start relaxing and getting ready to sleep. "but mom!!" says A, " Who will hide the eggs" A no more, we will talk about it tomorrow. "Mom" says K, "will i get more eggs than A?" Thats enough says the mom, no more talking at all till we get home. K-"Knock, knock mom, we are talking about Easter! HELLOO!"
Can you hear my head explode from there?
If you don't laugh, you'll cry.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

how much is postage to alaska

Every so often in this house, (ok like every week it seems) I am challenged by my children. Not challenged by smarts or cleaning or cooking even. This is a Knock down, drag out, yes i can make you obey, and yes I am the MOM and i am in charge kind of challenge.
I know it sounds bad to some of you but this house is not a democracy, it is a monarchy. And when you stage a coo it becomes a dictatorship. And this dictator has come out to play. It starts pretty small usually, refusing to answer me, not picking things up when asked, giving me lip when they do finally answer me. I know its coming, I start getting ready for it. I know that one or the other or sometimes both are going to pick a thing and take a stand. Yesterday it was both.
K and A have both just been bullies lately, to each other, Josh, even to their best friends. I am willing to over look alot of things but intentionally hurting others isn't one of them. I understand the power trip behind it but I don't get the actually doing it. I hate being mean (despite what my children think) and would love just to play nice and have a fun time together but tonight that isn't going to happen.
After yesterdays fights and power struggles I was done. The punishment for bulling the next day were they go straight to bed. No dinner, no story, no nothing. K didnt believe me. It's 4:37 and she is in her pj's and down for the night.
If you dont laugh, you'll cry