Friday, December 16, 2011

Adventures in moving...Part 2

Graduation for the Husband
Load up and hit the road
drive 9 hours
Check engine light came on
share a hotel room with 3 kids
Husband, in his sleep, pulls my pillow out from under my head and throws it across the room
i kicked him :)

wake up
hotel breakfast
fire car shipment company for contract breech, meaning they are morons who should not be trusted
hired a new company, using my cell phone, husbands iphone, and my laptop.
Only took me 2 hours
drove 9 hours
dinner, baths, Advent
reward for me and husband, a seperate hotel room :)

if you dont laugh you'll cry

Monday, December 12, 2011

adventures in moving...Part 1

Packers came
Household goods loaded on a truck
Moved into a hotel
Cleaned out house

Took kids to children's museum
K broke her arm at said museum
Trip to the ER to get x-rays and a sling
Spent the day icing it and giving meds for swelling and pain

Christmas concert at church Sat night and Sunday morning
Singing cost me my voice for a few days, totally worth it :)
Husband took A to Boston for an eye appt.
I took K to orthopedics to see if we would do a cast or just a sling and immobilize it
Dinner, baths, Advent each night.

So far its been interesting and we haven't even gotten in the car yet....
if you don't laugh, you cry