Monday, August 23, 2010

the difference between boys and girls

K is a tomboy. She likes tools, blocks, climbing trees, and wears dresses on Sundays when her mother threatens her life. Now because K understands that she is not like other girls every so often she tells me she wishes she were a boy. I carefully explain that God made her special and that she is exactly who God made her to be and that stops the questions for a little while.
Last Sunday we are on our way home from church and K is in the back seat and all of the sudden tells me that she is a boy. "No your not, your a girl" says A snottily and the argument continues Looney Tunes style of, no I'm not, Yes you are and on and on they go. I interrupt thinking that this is a good time to explain the difference in boys and girls. I talk about how J is a boy because he has a penis and K and A are girls because they have vagina and then ask if they understand. Both girls look at me and nod their little heads and I am quietly patting myself on the back when I hear K's little voice saying "I wish I had a penis"
If you don't laugh you'll cry

Sunday, August 22, 2010

School Days

Well school has begun here in Hawaii and we are three weeks into the new year. K and A were so excited to start and new year. K is thrilled that as a first grader she can walk to class all by herself. A is thrilled to finally be in school with K cause that means she is as big as her sister. ( a story for another day).
The girls have only been in school for 3 weeks now and I am not sure their teachers will make it the whole year. K had a good first day and came home excited about her new class and loving her math lessons. I met with her teacher and we talked about how K was doing and what i needed to help her with and then thought everything was good. Silly mama. We had parent orientation last week and her teacher pulls me aside with this apologetic look and shows me K's journal. Its empty. Every morning the kids are supposed to come into class, hang up their bags and put their homework in the basket, then sit down and write in their journals. The teacher doesn't check these all the time and the kids are being trusted to finish a page and then turn it in. Only problem is K has been lying to her teacher and telling her she had finished. Oh man, seriously couldn't this have waited until junior high. I dont know which was worse, that K was lying about her schoolwork, or my embarrassment at being the parent of the first grader lying about her schoolwork.
If you don't laugh you'll cry

An apology to my parents

Dear Mom and Dad,
I am sorry. I am sorry for all the times i rolled my eyes at you, stomped my foot, yelled, or ignored your request. I am sorry for the clothes on the floor, the toothpaste all over the counter, the water splashing everywhere except the tub. I am sorry for the notes home from my teachers, the snotty comments that got me written up, and making my teacher cry. I am sorry for teasing my sister just to entertain myself, knocking down my brothers just to make them cry, and waking everyone up at 4am just to have someone to play with.
Now will you please lift the curse of "just wait till you have children of your own". I would really appreciate it.
your daughter