Friday, April 15, 2011

today i feel, you know it doesn't matter...

it's true. It really doesn't. What matters is what I choose to do with it. I feel sad, frustrated, angry, agitated, wound-up. I feel misunderstood, un-grateful, torn, heart broken. I have chosen to be mean, bitter, ugly. I have chosen to yell at my children, sneer at my husband, ignore my friends phone calls all to indulge my own self pity. Yes my feeling are valid, yes there is nothing wrong with having them, there is however something very wrong about what I do with them. My feelings do not give me license to treat the people that love me with anything less then all the love and grace they have shown me. And the grace and love my Savior has given me defiantly means that I have no room to whine and moan.
So I choose to once again remember the words of a women who loved me no matter what. I will choose laughter.

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