Wednesday, February 24, 2010

if you dont laugh, you'll cry

Those are famous words from some very powerful people, most recently my mother and grandmother, as i would call to tell them of one more way that these three children of mine have given me a new grey hair for the day. They were right. I always have two choices when it comes to raising these monster, oh i mean children, and its laugh or cry. I can choose to cry and have everything turn into these huge dramatic moments in life, or i can choose to laugh and go on with the rest of the day and wait for what ever other trouble they choose to participate in.
For the most part i choose to laugh for a couple of reason, one I don't really like the drama, two I have better ways to spend my day, and three they can sense fear.
K is my oldest and is what we call a hurricane. Not so much destructive as just never still, always whirling from idea to idea or plan to plan. When she comes to me with that look in her eye I know its going to be doozy. A is the middle child and has not taken to that role with any kind of grace. She spent the first few months of her little brothers life ignoring him and you by association if he happened to be in your arms. J is the youngest and the only boy. Yes you should be praying for him. I don't know exactly what he will be like yet cause he is still pretty young but I think that when he holds his breath when he is angry its not a good sign. Even worse is that he was doing when he was two days old in the NICU after being born 5 weeks early. Not a good sign.
In an effort to be totally honest, I have some pretty sweet, kind hearted kids and I do love them to death. It just is often the choice of laugh or cry and I hope, that like me, you'll choose laughter too.

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